Test Your ActiveX Installation

This page tests whether you have your browser properly configured to download, authenticate, install, and display ActiveX controls, and manipulate them with JavaScript.

When prompted with a certificate, please accept it. The current date and time should appear below:

ActiveX is not supported

If you see the current date and time displayed above, congratulations! ActiveX and scripting are working properly. (If you see a date and time but it isn't the right time, your PC's clock is set wrong! Double-click the time in the system tray to correct it.)

If, instead of the time, you see a box with a small x in it, either:

  • ActiveX is not supported: Use Internet Explorer to view the site.
  • ActiveX is not enabled: See these instructions to enable ActiveX.
  • You didn't accept the certificate: You must click Yes on the security certificate to load the ActiveX control.
  • You are using an ad blocker, popup stopper, or firewall that blocks ActiveX: Disable these utilities to see if they are the cause.
  • Your system has spyware installed or a virus that interferes with ActiveX: Scan for spyware with a product like Pest Patrol or Panda, available in our store.

If you see a blank space, ActiveX is probably working properly, but not scripting. Check your security settings for scripting.

If you see the message ActiveX is not supported, then your browser doesn't recognize ActiveX at all. Netscape, Opera, or other browsers usually do not support ActiveX.

When you think you've corrected any problem you are having with this, simply refresh the page [press F5] to try again.